onsdag 14 maj 2014

Deadstring Brothers # 4 (sort of)

I came to some sort of insight about myself earlier today. A few of us were having lunch at work, and we were talking about the Swedish band Mando Diao. I like this band, but it's not like I've been listening to them a lot. But, while we were talking, I realized that I do know stuff about them, that I've "read somewhere".

I'm sort of fascinated by the Norén brothers. Gustaf Norén is in Mando Diao, and two of his younger brothers in a band called Sugarplum Fairy. Which is also the band that Kristian Gidlund, who very sadly died in September 2013 was in. He was far to young, and it's all extremely sad.

I remember reading a few interviews with the different Norén brothers a couple of years ago,  and I remember thinking that they sounded like really sweet and well behaved boys. They seemed nice, and I, naturally, began to wonder about their family and what it was like to grow up in a family where everyone seemed smart and talented in one way or another.This is not a text about the Norén, though!

The thing is that this, apparently, is what I do. Read stuff about bands/writers/artists etc, and find what I read about the person behind it all just as interesting as what they actually produce.

When I began to think about this, it all became very clear. I've always done this. For instance, when I was studying literature at the University (many, many years ago ...) I always spent too much time reading about the authors and the period in time when they were living, when I should focus on their texts.

It felt quite good to discover this behaviour in myself, since I now won't have to worry so much about why I've been so interested in the Deadstring Brothers and the history of the band. It's just what the way I do things. It's the way I am and no big deal really. Feels a lot better!

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